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Ajit - Styrian MotoGP Aug 8 2021

Hi. man
If there is no event for more than two days, then it will not happen
So this race I have no way to do

Hi Admin. Desperately waiting for the Styrian MotoGP race file. Pls upload when u get a moment. Thnx from India.

wonder how many people like me sat by their computer all day waiting for the promised lions upload . Thousand i would think . i been checking every 10/15 mins for about 6 hours now . I have accepted it will not be uplaoded and looked up the result . first time in over 50 years i missed a lions game . feel like crying

Willem - Lions tour rugby

Hi! Could you please add the rugby, springboks vs B&I lions second test of 31/07/2021. Missed it unfortunately...

can you add DFB pokal football ? really want to see that

can you add this football league ?

15:18:21 guy - Austin vs Vancouver

this match was announced on the Canadian channel TSN1, but was not shown on it due to the Olympics

can you please post this match from MLS?
I've saw this match in your schedule

Hi there,

any plans for the rest of the two Lions test matches being posted on the site?

15:42:11 James -

not available for me

14:22:30 Russ -


Can you post the games of the Brazilian soccer champioship, since you post rhe argentino ?

Will you be adding the Springboks vs British Irish Lions 1st Test?

hello, how can i solve this problem with this page showing? eye

Could you post all tokyo olympic basketball especially team usa and australia?

Hello, where is that big UFC fight that you had planned to release on saturday july 10?

Thank you so much for the effort you put into this site!

Are you going to post games of tokyo olympic for download? pls post not only basketball, soccer, baseball but also other sports. thank you

Tim - Rugby / Euro 2020

I can not say for sure. the service is provided by another person.
At least I will try to do the Final right after the end

The rugby matches (New Zealand vs Fiji, Sharks vs British & Irish Lions) and the Euro 2020 final wiill be "affected" by the website's maintenance? I mean, those 3 matches will be posted right after they end?


Auntie Em - All Blacks vs. Tonga

no, these games will not be. rugbypass has tripled the subscription price and I can't pay $ 26 per month.

The Olympic Games will definitely not be all over the place at once. Perhaps some separate sports - rugby and football

I only found your page a week or so back. Thanks for all the effort you put in!

Is there any chance of getting the All Blacks vs. Tonga rugby match that was played on 3rd July? It was such a lopsided final score that I'm peeved that I couldn't watch it.

Also, Olympic events - yay or nay for you?

Thanks again. Cheers!

Thank you for all the work mate


it would be better if you donated this $ 100 to the site

i hope you do not show the lions games as in your schedule or i will be tempted to fly to meet you excuse for a brain . you told me no european rugby games so i subscribe to rugby pass , then you show .them i ask you about lions games you said NO CHANCE !!!!!!!! So i paid a stream site $100 to watch the games .

06/17/2021 11:16:19 admin -
dazzz - lions tour

no chance
if you show them i will be so ppeeed off with you . you can shove this site where the sun does not shine
you know the last game i download exeter i uploaded neary 40 gb but never agin . i will never seed agai

Cricket is a very popular sort which is watched by milions. I request you to add it.
By the admin thank you for all the work that you are doing for us

Ujjwal - Addition of Tennis in other sports

Tennis, golf, and similar sports, without a time frame, go on all day long. I do not have such an opportunity to record, process and, moreover, store them on disk. Sorry

Tennis is a very popular sports. Please add tennis in other sports section.

mike - moto3 and moto2

i would do everything but my hard disk is not designed for such space of information

Firstly, thanks for te motopg coverage. Any chance you could upload the moto 3 and moto 2 races as well? Couple of phenoms in both classes that make those races as good as the motogp, in moto 3, probably the best race series on the plantet at the moment.

cheers and thanks again
best rgds

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