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Aww, okay. I'll hope for a non-spoiler named share on one of the general torrent sites.
Thanks for the reply!

Ducky - Hockey WC final?

Sorry, it's not available for me

Will you possibly have the Ice Hockey WC final played today (now-ish)? I kind of missed it this site thank you admin

Really looking forward to downloading the RED v CUBS game 1/2 from 19-20 / 05 / 2018

So grateful to find this site!
Thank you so very much!

do you have may 13 2018 mets vs phillies

John - Real Madrid - Bayern Munchen commentary language ?

up to 1 hours after game ending will be (english or spain commentary only)

Any chance of the Real Madrid - Bayern Munchen match be posted in Spanish or English language ?

thanks for all your work!

does anyone have april 21 and 22 pirates vs phillies

Hello, would it please be possible to load the OKC Thunder vs Utah Jazz game on 25.4.2018??
was a insane game.

John - Arsenal - Atletico Madrid, Olympique Marseille - Salzburg

If there are no problems, so it will be
yesterday during the Champions League match I had problems with the Internet, so the match was recorded at night

Any chance of the Arsenal - Atletico Madrid and Olympique Marseille - Salzburg matches be posted right after the end ?

thanks for all your work!

do you have MLB april 10 2018 cincinnati vs Phillies

Has the audio video sync for football games been fixed? By the way, excellent site for football. I appreciate the effort.

woody - six nation rugby

can anybody list Wales v France (17/03/2018) and Italy v Scotland (17/03/2018)? THANK YOU!!

can anyone get me 2017 all star weekend torrent please

I would ask you, kindly if you could uppload the game between Miami Heat vs. the philadelphia sixers. I would be nice to follow the NBA playoffs games

I would ask you, dearly, if you could put the game between Lakers vs. Rockets on March 10th.
Not for the game, but for the opportunity to publicize the great warrior Andre Ingram in his first match in the NBA.

zurdyo - Golf?

Unfortunately no

Hey, love the site and the many NFL/NBA games! Any chance u might choose to follow the 4 major golf tournaments?


well, the next games will be in other languages, but not in English. I will not experiment anymore

Seems this game has the same glitches than the below mentionned Everton-City

Am sorry to say this but do not dl this version, it is one of the worse cap of a game I have ever seen Sound and picture are not in a synch but that's the least of its problems. Watching it is something in between watching a Andy Warhol experiment or having a drunk uncle holding the remote while watching the game.

This does not take away the tremendous services offered by this site but this one is a do not touch.

John C - Section Paloise - Stade Francais


Please fix the torrent for the Section Paloise - Stade Francais match.


Master Jay - lipsync error

22 march was completely changed the video feed method on NBA com
No one know, how hack new encoding, so in the near future, ideal games will not often

Firstly, I love your work. It's great! Secondly, The audio has not been matching the video on the last two GSW games. Is there something wrong with the file, or was it coded wrong or is the problem at my end? Thanks!

John C - Melbourne Storm - North Queensland Cowboys

Sorry, fixed

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