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Man, thank you very much for the work you do here. I'm very grateful. You helped me get into spprts lkke AFL and nascar, and you brought American(and Australian) sports all over the world. Best wishes man!

Paul Popescu - AFL

the same problem with afl - no access to all matches
I will try to do the maximum - 1 match per day

Thanks for answering the MLS question.
I'm also interested in the AFL season that starts tomorrow. Can you post more AFL matches this year?

Paul Popescu - MLS 2019

2-3, maybe 4 games/week (not have access to all games)

hi. can you post more mls? thanks!

Great Work on posting the AFL seasons - Thanks

Thank you for MLS!

Jonathan - Rugby 7s

not available for me

Hello. Can you made the same good job with rugby sevens please ?

Sorry but France vs Wales is not working. can you see what is happening?

Jon - Australian Open Men's 2019 Final

sorry I don't make tennis

Will you be adding Nadal Djokovic Australian Open Men's 2019 Final? (English US or UK version?)


Champions Cup Round 6 games (rugby) not up yet?

there is a closed part where all games are - there always matches are placed first of all
already on the main page

hey i see that NFL play off games are in the forum but i dont have promission to see the files , what does it mean that i have to pay or what for the play off games ?

John - 2019 College Football National Championship

for now dont know

Really appreciate your time and effort uploading these games.
thank you,
best wishes from Ireland,

Thank you very much for the all College Football season.
Lately, I believe you usually post College Football games in the afternoon.
What about the upcoming 2019 College Football National Championship game ?
Will be posted in the next Tuesday (January 8) afternoon ?
If not, it's possible to know at what time is going to posted ?

thanks a lot !

Loving all the Canucks games that have been getting uploaded lately!
Keep em' coming!

John - Bristol Rugby - Newcastle Falcons 30/12/2018


The video of Bristol Rugby - Newcastle Falcons torrent is the Harlequins - Wasps match.
Can you please fix it?

No Cricket Love in this website ?

I also received a complaint against bundesleague

Waht's the language and specs. of Dortmund - M'gladbach 21/12/2018 torrent?

2700, 29,97

Waht's the language and specs. of Dortmund - M'gladbach 21/12/2018 torrent?

Love your work !!!!!!

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