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rubberduck -

it is available to me without the last 10 minutes of the game. so replaced

just wondering, no NHL Boston / Colorado game that was originally scheduled on your site ? thanks

Tim - Real Madrid vs UNICS Kazan

interesting, didn't know there would be games today.
do all 3 games

Are you going to post today's Euroleague Real Madrid vs UNICS Kazan game?


there is little
look here:

Hi admin, do you archive old games? If yes, how do I view it, thx as always.

Any chance u can make this work on android ? Was away this weekend so tried my 10" tablet but could not get passed the adware ? Took me a long time to get passed the 2 screen popups but then when i click schedule or rugby just open another page with ads . had 14 pages open at one time. after 2 hours gave up !

21:50:36 Toshi -

not available for me

Please can you cover the AFCON matches

Hello, do you think there would be any interest in covering tennis? Especially with the aus open coming up soon

some dude - other sports

unfortunately this sport is not popular and is not particularly interesting to users

heya, is there any intent to start covering other sports? in particular,
skateboarding (xgames,and the like),
softball (college womens or the like),
frisbee (disc golf / ultimate frisbee)


Monika Toth - edmonton vs toronto

now is done
unfortunately I cannot predict the time if there are many NBA games

what time can we expect edmonton vs toronto game on the site i missed the game and forgot to record it i now have one upset husband

happy new year, thanks for all the sports

Thank you for all your hard work and Happy New Year. Just wondering why the Iowa vs. Kentucky bowl game isn't showing up. Please post it if you have it. Thanks.

Happy new year Team!!

Are we going to have yesterday's Bowls games?

Thanks a lot!!!

thank you so much for all the games will you be putting on the pga golf tourneys?

I wish you a very happy new year 2022!!
I hope you still there and give us the chance to download the games you post!!
Thanx for your work!!!

Tim - Euroleague

Im on vacation now, so till january 4th only nba, nfl and bowls

Are you going to post today's Euroleague games?


I can’t know why everyone can download and you can’t. more than 100 seeds for each game

why cant download all Dec 28 basketball games?

Why cant download Dec 28 NBA games. No seeder? bery bery slow to download.

Wasps - Munster 12.12.2021 is actually La Rochelle Vs Glasgow.

For anyone looking for the Ireland vs New Zealand match, I hope the following is correct - haven't watched the game yet...

Ireland vs New Zealand

will the toronto maple leafs and sharks game be add to the websit?

Tim - Bath - Exeter Chiefs 26.11.2021 / Connacht - Ospreys 26.11.2021

its ok

Please fix the Bath - Exeter Chiefs 26.11.2021 and the Connacht - Ospreys 26.11.2021 matches with the correct torrents.

There's nothing in the schedule, but you recorded the Scotland v Japan match, many thanks for that.
Are you going to record also the England v South Africa, Wales v Australia and France v New Zealand matches?

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